The development of WELLAN® 2000, a biosignal water treatment device, is a wonderful example of gentle, yet effective technology. Many years of research finally led to the discovery that all life mechanisms are controlled by electromagnetic impulses.

Water molecules can absorb, save and transfer information as quantum oscillations or ultra-fine oscillations via the compounds that hold hydrogen and oxygen atoms together without the need for the water to flow.

WELLAN® 2000 is made of pure aluminium, proportionately of silicon.

WELLAN® 2000 biosignal water treatment device 
activates constructive-physiological oscillations and thereby influences bio-physical processes beyond body and environmental chemistry.

WELLAN® 2000 works without chemicals, magnets or
electricity. The device is effective for both hot and cold water, standing water and extremely fast-flowing water.

There are no additional installation, service and maintenance costs.