WELLAN® 2000 Power Ring

The power ring is a small ring, which is filled with  fuel filling.

The Power Ring has been developed for many years. After detailed investigations and tests it was found that the Powerring saves 15-20% fuel (All fuel: Diesel, Gasoline and Super).

What The Power Ring does:

  • Better atomization of the fuel - finer gas mixture
  • Better combustion
  • Higher engine power and less pollutants
  • Increased life of the unit
  • Fuel savings approx. 15-20%
  • Contribution to environmental management
  • The change in the fuel through the power ring is immediately noticeable by a lighter driving behavior.

In order to further facilitate the driving behavior, it is also appropriate to fill the engine oil with the power ring ring. 

It is not necessary to change the entire oil. Some 100 ml added are sufficient to improve the oil.