Efficiency of WELLAN is based on new knowledge in the application of quantum physics and the use of high quality materials - pure quartz (silicon). Silicon has the capability of storing (memorizing) of information and transmitting the same. This is used in chip manufacturing. We use laser technology to store frequency models in WELLAN's quantum field. Water also has the ability to store and transfer energy and information.

When WELLAN comes to action, it produces interference and resonant motion in the water molecules that prevents connection of ions of calcium and its carbonates and the result is preventing crystallization and formation of solid clusters, called limescale.

Since the device operates without the use of electricity, magnets or chemicals it does not radiate electrosmog in the water and the environment and does not produce chemical waste- WELLAN is ecologicaly acceptable product.

All life originates from water;
without water, there would be no life!!!

Water molecules can absorb, save and transfer information as quantum oscillations or ultra-fine oscillations via the compounds that hold hydrogen and oxygen atoms together without the need for the water to flow. The linear effectiveness range is approx. 2500 m.

WELLAN® 2000 is made of pure aluminium, proportionately of silicon. Aluminium is made from bauxite and bauxite contains high concentrations of quartz. Applying a special process, quartz is used to produce silicon. Silicon is used in the production of computer chips.

Materials that carry information

„WELLAN® 2000“ can save and ultimately release information infinitely through any material (iron, copper, steel, plastic, lead, etc. - such as those materials used in piping) at the subatomic level, without „using up“ the energy and information in the „WELLAN® 2000“ water treatment device.

This information, i.e., the frequency patterns, is modulated onto the „WELLAN® 2000“ Ring using laser technology. In the opposite sense as with a CD, by which the information it contains can be read with a laser and then converted into sound and images.

Water, carbon and total hardness

Attraction of the mineral matter ions due to opposing charges.

At first, the mineral matter is found in the water as ions. Ions are carriers of electrical charges (anions-cations) which attract each other to form crystals. 

The charges are cancelled out or displaced. Ions can no longer attract each other and crystals do not form (crystal-lattice structures). 

The charges are displaced.

Formation of matter

Electrical charges are frequencies which are now influenced by the interference oscillations sent by the WELLAN® 2000 Ring. These constant oscillations treat the water, i.e., they „inform“ the water.

Formation of matter is only possible with forces of attraction through opposing charges. By cancelling out the electrical charges of the existing lime deposits, the lime disintegrates and the pipes are freed.

Corrosion and oxidation

Is caused by water molecules breaking up – due to the turbulence of the water, stirring up of the water, for example. Water molecule compounds and hydrogen bonds break apart!

Oxygen atoms become free radicals and enter into compounds with the metals of the piping. The result: the water becomes aggressive.


Sources of interference that can have a negative impact on the overall effectiveness:

  • power cables
  • electric motors
  • powerful magnetic fields

It is recommended to install the device at least 30 cm from these types of interfering sources.