Loosening of lime crystals

Before                                          After

The picture on the left shows one of many practical examples of before and after installation of a WELLAN® 2000 Ring.

The pipe on the right shows the result after just 4 weeks of use. The lime crystals are loosened by the natural oscillations of the WELLAN® 2000 Ring and the dissolved lime is carried away with the flowing water. The oxidation process is stopped and existing rust is changed into Fe3O4.

The practical test was conducted by Mr. Paul Dietrich in Gundelsheim, Germany and certified by a notary.

Suspression of Corrosion

The pictures on the right and below show the effectiveness of a WELLAN® 2000 Ring installed to a pipe affected by corrosion. 

On the left side of the Wellan Ring incoming water is rich in metal. Metal ions disperse after passing through the Ring.

Testing of the antimicrobial effect

left: Initial concentration prior to onset of the experiment of 72 CFUs/100 ml
right: after one hour of recirculating, no more germs were detectable

By the time the water has reached our household or plant it has already run through miles and miles of pipes and has
passed through electromagnetic fields, which means that the water quality has deteriorated.

Germs may also have formed in lime deposits.
E. coli bacteria can cause extremely severe infections; pseudomonas aeruginosa is a soil bacteria which is often found in water and can cause brain diseases.

Determination of the concentration of Escherichia coli in the test batch in the cryostat with „Wellan“ Ring Each time a 100 ml sample was membrane-filtered, set in Endo‘s agar and embryonated for 48 hours at 36°C